2020, 2021:

Project Fitting the Peelo SkyTem data in the Simgro-model of the Drentse Aa and scenario analysis of sprinkler irrigation for the year 2019 (together with SWECO)

Project Optimalisation Peelo SkyTem data in the Simgro-model of the Drentsche Aa (together with SWECO)

Article written: A scenario analysis of climate change and adaptation measures in the Drentsche Aa catchment, to inform Dutch policy

   in The Netherlands (submitted to Water Resources Management)

 Jan. 2020:

Final report on tube drainage and buffer zones around the N2000 area in the catchment of the Drentsche Aa:

Querner Consult and SWECO, in Dutch with Engish summary (2020)

What is the origin of the name Querner and the meaning: Read here all about it
I never realized that the name is so old.

Dec 2018:

Completion of project Climate robust Drentsche Aa (Water board Hunze & Aa's)
Award project Interreg VB project Topsoil; Modelling drainage scenarios Drentsche Aa (together with SWECO)

Mar 2018:

Geo-hydrology REGIS-v2.2 implementation in the Simgro-model of the Drentsche Aa (together with SWECO)

Dec 2016:

Advice about causes of flooding occurring June 2016 for farmers and tree growers in the Netherlands

Aug 2016:

Carry out projects on climate proof in the Drentsche Aa brook basin (Apr '16 - spring '17)

Mar 2016:

Involved in the evaluation of EU LIFE project proposals (Oct '14 - Mar '16)

Sept 2014:

Carried out various project in The Neterlands and abroad.

Mar 2014:

Visiting Stellenbosch University (a combined action for Alterra and Querner Consult)